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Charley Rowan McCain recently booked her first ever TV audition which was a guest spot on "NCIS". In the short few months she's been auditioning theatrically, she has also booked an episode of CBS'S "S.W.A.T" and the younger version of MIA GOTH'S iconic character in the 3rd installment of A24's "X" franchise, MAXXXINE. She also did a guest star for Nickelodeon show ERIN & AARON.

Charley's natural and nuanced performances are so rare for someone her age. She has a deep understanding of story and character and can play arcs beautifully. Her childlike sense of play jumps off the screen. She has done action-heavy scenes in both NCIS and S.W.A.T and can hold her own with A-listers. 

Charley lives in Santa Monica with her mom, dad, foster pup and two cats. She grew up with her best buddy German Shepherd, Tucker who recently passed away. Since then, her family has fostered three rescue/shelter dogs, helping them find their forever homes.  She is a straight-A student and loves all subjects, especially math and creative writing. In addition to her passion for learning, animals and acting, she loves singing, dancing and hanging with friends and family at the beach and amusement parks. She also loves roadtrips, swimming, tennis, baking and go kart racing! She is truly inspired by the great Lin- Manuel Miranda and all he's accomplished and aspires to have a career like his. For now,  you can follow all of her adventures on Instagram!
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MaXXXine  - coming soon


A24 Feature Film, post-production

Director - Ti West

Role - Young Maxine

The Projectionist - coming soon


Short Film - post-production

Director - Mark Girard DiSalle

Role - Sarah, supporting