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HELLO! I'm super excited to meet you! My name is Charley, short for Charlotte and I live in Los Angeles. I started modeling and auditioning for commercials when I was just a kid :) - like 2 years old. After working a few jobs, I decided I should take a break and learn more about performing to see if its what I really wanted to pursue. And guess what? I love it! I'm taking lots of dance and acting classes and want to work with pets someday - especially dogs. I have a big dog named Tuck - he's a German Shepherd rescue and one of my best buddies. I also have a rescue kitten, Rooney (Roo) - she's the baby in our family and I have a fish named Jack Jack - he's a Betta.

I love to sing, dance, act and be around people and animals. I love science, reading and math. But if I had to pick my most favorite things to do, I'd probably pick, swimming, playing Minecraft and building lots of cool things with Lego. Of course, walking Tuck, playing with Roo, watching Jack Jack swim, playing with my friends and doing lots of cool art projects are right up there too! I love my mom and dad and my whole family. We have a lot of fun together and love to be silly and laugh a lot. We call ourselves the 'weird club'. :) So that's a little bit about me.

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